Women’s Sport Socks

An active woman needs an active sock!

Fruit of the Loom Sport socks help keep feet dry with a moisture management system built to move moisture to improve drying time. A built in arch support helps protect the foot and keeps the sock in place while ultra-soft cotton yarn provides cushioned comfort that your feet will enjoy with every step. Fruit of the Loom Sport Socks are the perfect for the active and on the go woman!

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Women’s Sport Socks Size 4-10


Black Socks

Did you know black socks are popular among many people? Many times when people think of socks they envision white socks. However black is the new white in the world of socks. Many brands come in black. Fruit of the Loom offers a black sock with no fade color technology. Black socks are available for men, women and children.

Cotton Socks

Cotton socks are just about as ubiquitous as a garment can get. They are everywhere, and are styled and colored to suit just about every need imaginable. This is true because they are comfortable and economical. Even high quality premium cotton socks are affordable. There are some problems that are common with cotton socks, as well as other types of socks.

Crew Socks

Crew socks are a made at a great length, just to the middle of the calf, and that has made them very useful and popular with men, women and kids.

No Show Socks

No show socks, also known as half quarter socks, refer to a type of socks that sit just under the top of the opening of a shoe. They are designed to protect a foot from blisters and moisture, but keep the look of the footwear casual.

Sports Socks

Sports socks provide coolness, dryness and overall comfort for the active person. Running socks are generally made of cotton and have wicking capabilities to keep feet cool and dry. Sweaty feet can lead to problems such as Athlete’s Foot, Bromodosis, nail fungus and more. Keeping your feet dry can help keep them healthy and help keep you healthy too.